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Body & Soul Retreat
Xenia Centre, Bowen Island, Vancouver BC Sept 11- 13

"JosJoseph is a true master at what he does. After the short amount of time
I spent on Joseph's table, energetic blockages and physical pain rapidly
dissipated from my body....Joseph works at a high efficiency with profound outcomes.
A truly magical experience.' Cara Reynolds, Vancouver

4 Quantum Alignment Bodywork Group Healing Sessions
Personal Astrological & Intuitive Insights
Guided Meditations
Organic, Gluten Free Meals and much more
in the natural world serenity of a mystical island

with Master Bodywork and Astrological Magican Joseph Mina;
assisted by Annalise Sullivan

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Aloha! Welcome to Gemini Awakening

Specialized wellness services, serving Big Island Hawaii, and beyond since 2000.

E-mail to schedule a Quantum Alignment Bodywork session,
or CALL (808) 328-8533

Astrology Consultations: Life is a Journey, get your zodiac map here.
Hawaii Astrologer Joseph Mina offers Astrology Readings
to clarify career and life direction. Astrology relationship readings, couples consulting, parent and child charts. Embrace your personal astrology horoscope on a more meaningful level.

Schedule on-line today a Life Path Astrology Consultation session.

Quantum Alignment Bodywork heart opening and transformative session. Reduce stress. Open to new possibilities. Connect to your place of ease and grace.

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Celebrate: birthdays, weddings, baby blessings, graduations, holidays & New Year
with Joseph's Astrology and Bodywork services.

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Joseph Mina
PO Box 932, Honaunau, Hawaii 96726

(808) 328-8533

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Body & Soul Retreat
Vancouver BC 9/11-13
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