Xenia Centre 
Bowen Island (near Vancouver BC)

September 11 - 13, 2015
with Hawaii Master Healer & Astrologer
Joseph Mina

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A Profound Alignment of your Soul & Body 
A Life Changing Experience
Immerse yourself into the transformative and nurturing energetic sacred ground of Bowen Island and Xenia Centre. Here, you embrace and attune to your unique Soul essence in the healing field created by group energy and an extraordinary natural world sanctuary. A wonderful opportunity to unplug from the outside world awaits you. This grace filled weekend of bodywork, meditation and soulful inter-connection and interaction with others includes:
Group Session Magic: the body’s nervous and sensory systems rapidly learn and integrate new information from the rhythms and vibrations found in nature. Greater ease, flow, creativity and movement result. These very same quantum frequencies are readily accessible in an accelerated fashion within a group healing energy session format. As the body attunes to these shared vibrations, change in energy patterns rapidly occur, creating greater internal alignment, connection and entrainment for all participants.  
Quantum Alignment Bodywork:

 Energetically connects you to your Soul essence...the source of your creativity.
 Accelerates self-healing and establishes new body strategies
 Expands the body’s capacity to process and integrate information
 Advances self-awareness and inter-connection with others
 Facilitates deeper breathing patterns and healthier choices
 Expands and enhances your creative and intuitive abilities
Joseph Mina is a Master Intuitive Healer, Teacher and Professional Astrologer. In his life work, Joseph offers an innovative and modern approach to the ancient mysteries of energy healing bodywork and astrology. Since 1992, he has specialized in Healing Arts sessions, Consultations & Classes that are evolutionary, revolutionary and life-changing. Joseph resides on the South Kona Coast of Big Island, Hawaii.

Annalise Sullivan is an intuitive healer, dancer and tree enthusiast. She is passionate about healing the Earth and the hearts that gracefully walk upon her.  Annalise's modality of healing fuses together ancient practices into a peaceful and uplifting modern experience of soul integration. Allow yourself to be as you are, and that will set you free.
Retreat Weekend, including lodging & sumptuous organic meals   $599 CAD or USD 
Xenia Centre, Bowen Island

Register NOW on-line 
early registration special before Aug 24   $549 CAD or USD

Retreat begins 2 pm on Friday; ends around 2 pm on Sunday
More information: geminiawakening@mac.com  
Transportation to Bowen Island: 20 minute ferry from Horseshoe Bay, Vancouver
Ferry schedule here

Directions to Xenia from Bowen Island Ferry Stationhttp://www.bcferries.com/schedules/mainland/biva-current.phphttp://www.xeniacentre.com/xenia/uploads/2014/10/BrochureSF-Xenia-Oct-2014.pdfshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1
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Group Healing Day Video: March 2014, Big Island, Hawai’i
"Using a blend of masterful wisdom of the healing arts, deep intuitive insights and Quantum Alignment Bodywork, the combination of all elements in a workshop is very rare and extremely powerful. The results were life transformative in guiding me to higher levels of discovery and connection with my spiritual, evolutionary journey here on Earth." LC. Half Moon Bay
“Joseph is a true Master at what he does. After the short amount of time I spent on Joseph’s table, energetic blockages and physical pain rapidly dissipated from my body....Joseph works at a high efficiency with profound outcomes. A truly magical experience.” CR, Vancouver, BC
Body & Soul Weekend Retreat
I am so grateful to have experienced your work in a group setting. I love having the time in between your working on others. I feel that the energy is really amped up in the room. My body has time to release and shift as it seems to be communicating and benefiting from the presence of others people. The experience is so powerful! AP, Big Island, Hawaii
Annalise Sullivan, a gifted energy worker from the Vancouver area, will assist me during the 4 group energy sessions. Annalise brings her own wonderful bodywork modalities into the group session. This offers you the opportunity to experience the combined creative energies of the feminine and masculine; the ultimate inner merging of the Yin and Yang vibrations connecting your Soul and sacred body.
Full payment is due within 4 days after registration. An email with payment instructions and options will be sent to you shortly after you register on-line. As we expect participants from both Canada and the United States, CAD and USD funds accepted, including cash and CC (Visa, MC, Amex). Fee includes a $75 non-refundable registration charge to cover administrative costs.

Cancellation Policy (except for unexpected emergencies such as death in the family): 
25% cancellation charge of program fee on or after Sept 3rd thru Sept 6; 
100% cancellation charge of program fee on or after Sept 7th 

Thank you in advance for your firm commitment to participate in this amazing journey of your Soul. From the time you register, the facilitators are investing their time to determine how to best serve you and your healing journey. As such, a late cancellation, except in an emergency situation, diminishes the value of the retreat for other participants. It also makes it difficult to identify a replacement on such short notice. Coordinating and organizing this program requires time and money, which includes advanced food ordering, accommodation reservation, and facilitator traveling costs. Thank you for your understanding. We are honored to serve you.https://geminiawakening.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=188142shapeimage_17_link_0
  1. 4 Group Quantum Alignment Interactive Bodywork sessions

  2. Discussions & sharing about healing in the 21st century

  3. Personal astrological & intuitive reflections by Joseph

  4. Group nature connection time in Xenia Centre

  5. Open to 15 participants

  6. and FUN! Yes…healing can be engaging and fun!

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“I work on the mystical level within the body energetics...the place within you that transcends time and space. It’s here on the edge of possibilities that the greatest changes take place. 

With each session, I hold a high standard for attaining the most beneficial outcome for you in alignment with your highest purpose for being on this planet NOW.