Quantum Alignment Bodywork

Group Energy Healing Day

Saturday, August 6  10a - 5p

119 West Pender St., office #313  Vancouver BC

with Master Healer & Astrologer Joseph Mina

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Expansive Bodywork Experience in a group setting

Immerse yourself into a transformative energetic field as you embrace your unique essence and dynamic connection with the group. This revolutionary interactive day of healing and inter-connection includes:

  1. 2 group Quantum Alignment Bodywork energy sessions

  2. Discussion & sharing about healing

  3. Intuitive and engaging personal reflections by Joseph

  4. and FUN! Yes…healing can be engaging and fun!

The body’s nervous and sensory systems rapidly learn and integrate new information from the rhythms and vibrations found in nature. Greater ease, flow, creativity and movement results. These very same quantum frequencies are readily accessible in an accelerated fashion within a group healing energy session format. As the body attunes to these shared vibrations, change in energy patterns rapidly occur, creating greater internal alignment, connection and entrainment for all participants.  

Quantum Alignment Bodywork:

  1. Creates greater integration between the body’s physical, emotional and mental energy fields

  2. Accelerates self-healing

  3. Expands the body’s capacity to process and integrate information

  4. Advances self-awareness and inter-connection with others

  5. Facilitates deeper breathing patterns and healthier choices

  6. Accesses heighten states of ease, flow and connection

  7. Expands and enhances your creative abilities and connection to your soul

  8. Opens you to the grace of the child within you

Joseph Mina is a Master Intuitive Healer, Teacher and Professional Astrologer. In his life work, Joseph offers an innovative and modern approach to the ancient mysteries of energy healing bodywork and astrology. Since 1992, he has specialized in Healing Arts sessions, Consultations & Classes that are evolutionary, revolutionary and life-changing. Joseph resides on the Kona Coast of Big Island, Hawaii.

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"Using a blend of masterful wisdom of the healing arts, deep intuitive insights and Quantum Alignment Bodywork, the combination of all elements in a workshop is very rare and extremely powerful. The results were life transformative in guiding me to higher levels of discovery and connection with my spiritual, evolutionary journey here on Earth." LC. Half Moon Bay
I am so grateful to have experienced your work in a group setting. I love having the time in between your working on others. I feel that the energy is really amped up in the room. My body has time to release and shift as it seems to be communicating and benefiting from the presence of others people. The experience is so powerful! AP, Big Island, Hawaii

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